East Coast Mecca: Episode 4

A day in the life of Flex.

If you look up a list of Flex Lewis’ competitions over the past four years all you will see are firsts. He’s a current 3 time Mr. Olympia 212 champion and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. A masterclass athlete and that just keeps rising and rising into the stratosphere. Ever wonder what a day in the gym is like for a champion like Flex? Well, now you don’t have to – because in this latest episode of East Coast Mecca we’re giving you an inside look into the life and times of Flex. The inner details of his workout, tips on how to  live the bodybuilding lifestyle, and candid moments between fellow lifters and even Steve Weinberger himself – you’ll get to see it all like you were a fly on the wall. Catch it in the episode just above!

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Source: GenerationIron.com