Before the big IFBB stars became the titans we all know and love on the Mr. Olympia stage – they were rookies fighting for the glory like anyone else. They had to go through the ringer, push, shove, and fight against hundreds of other competitors to get noticed and lay claim to the ultimate prize – the IFBB pro card. Derek Epstein is an NPC competitor who is ready for his shot at the big time but will he be able to qualify for the National Championships and then go pro? Only time will tell – so in the meantime Derek has been training non stop like a beast at the East Coast Mecca in preparation for his big moment.

Meanwhile, IFBB Pro Physique competitor Matt Acton shares his trade secrets in a seminar with up and coming NPC competitors on how to properly pose and maximize all that hard earned muscle in order to stand out, make waves, and get their pro cards. All right here at the East Coast Mecca. Watch the newest episode above!

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