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If you’re ready to cycle your way to a healthier lifestyle, the spin class at Powerhouse in Novi, Michigan is just what you’ve been looking for! Nervous about trying a spin class for the first time, or maybe you’re already experienced in the superior endurance development achieved in a spinning class? Worry not, regardless of your experience, Powerhouse Gym is prepared for both beginners and experts. Tested and tailored from years of hosting them, our spinning workouts are proven to be great for all fitness levels.

So maybe you’re just starting out or maybe you’ve conquered a series of what felt like endless hills. Regardless you can expect a nothing short of another incredible spin session with one of our seasoned trainers. Don’t put yourself in a position that’s uncomfortable workout with the people who are trained in fitness and understanding when you’ve had enough. Spinning workouts are challenging, but only because the reward found from them is so fantastic for both your cardio and endurance. Take your next spin class with those who have the knowledge and experience you can trust to not only make you sweat, but also propel you into the active lifestyle you’ve been working toward.