Membership FAQ Michigan Reopening




Q: What is Powerhouse Gym doing to keep us safe?

A: We have updated our cleaning procedures, invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure the safety of our members and our staff, and updated several processes to ensure member safety

Q:  What are your social distancing guidelines while in the club?

A:  We are asking all members to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and others in the club. We will provide signage to help you ensure distancing guidelines are respected including floor markers, area closures and staff to monitor and enforce these rules. We will also have some pieces of equipment unavailable to allow for proper social distancing.

Q:  Will hours change once the club reopens?

A:  Please visit your locations page for hours.

These hours allow the Powerhouse team members to deep clean the club and equipment with hospital grade cleaner after closing every night.

Q:  Do I need to wear a face mask while working out?

A:  Masks are recommended for members entering and exiting the facility, but not mandatory while working out.

Q:  How many members are allowed in the gym at the same time?

A:  We will be limiting the number of members in the club based on government mandated occupancy.

Q:  Which areas of the club will be temporarily restricted?

A:  As we are following CDC Guidelines on safely reopening, the following amenities will temporarily be unavailable.

  • There will be no access to showers or sauna in our locker rooms
  • We will not be offering basketball, pool, or hot tub access
  • Group Fitness classes will be limited and held outdoors, weather permitting
    • Please follow the app for adjusted group fitness schedule.

Q:  What are the Kids Club hours? (FOR GYMS WITH KIDS CLUB)

A:  Kids Club is temporarily closed. We look forward to offering Kids Club in the near future.


Dues FAQ

Q: What happened with my monthly dues while Powerhouse Gym was closed?

A: All memberships were placed on a $0 freeze, and you were not billed for any monthly dues in April and May. If you were billed in March, you will not be billed in June.

Q: When should I expect my monthly dues to start?

A:  Your monthly dues will be billed in July if you were billed in March.  If you were not billed in March you will be billed in June.

Q:  How does the club closure affect my paid in full membership?

A:  Your memberships will be extended to cover the time of the closure.

Q:  Can I freeze my membership if I am not ready to come back yet?

A: Yes you can extend your freeze if you are not ready to come back. Please contact the club to discuss the best option for you and your family. Please contact the facility you are a member of.