Why Own A Gym?


Aligning With a Well-Established Brand Is Essential
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 90 percent of franchised/licensed operations are still operating after ten years, whereas 82 percent of independent businesses fail. This statistic solidifies the fact that aligning with a recognized leader increases the probability of success. According to market research, consumers prefer nationally recognized names 2:1 over similar entities. Not only is advertising easier and more cost-effective by aligning with a world-recognized brand, the profitability of your operation should also benefit.


  • Instant recognition and credibility associated with an internationally registered trademark and service mark known worldwide and symbolic with quality in the health and fitness industry.
  • National and international media campaigns, feature articles and promotional pieces on Powerhouse Gym.
  • Over 35 years of gym operating, retail and service business experience.
  • A network of hundreds of licensees to share management and marketing ideas.
  • Our publication, POWERHOUSE BUSINESS JOURNAL, provides its readers a keen insight on what’s happening in the fastest growing gym licensing organization in the world. The magazine is a great selling tool to attract investors and promote Powerhouse Gym and our partners.
  • A multi-million dollar sportswear and nutrition supplier with an exclusive line of officially-licensed Powerhouse sportswear and products to sell in your Pro Shop. These products are often worn by athletes and celebrities and are featured in national and international sports and fitness publications and on television.
  • Access to sample business plans that cover the executive summary, industry introduction, space planning, equipment selection, demographic information, staffing requirements and marketing information to help in your effort to secure financing and map out your business’ future.
  • An exclusive territory means competitive peace of mind. You don’t have the threat of having to compete against a Powerhouse Gym in your protected market area. In addition, the Powerhouse name will help deter others from opening facilities in your area.
  • Access to a general pre-sale and grand opening plan/checklist to generate a membership base for your gym’s opening.
  • A highly informative annual convention designed to help educate licensees in improving business models and improving bottom line performance.
  • Exclusive discounts with leading equipment manufacturers and supplement suppliers.
  • Regular communication with the corporate office and support assistance with just about every aspect of gym development, management and operation.
  • Savings on appearance fees for world-class bodybuilders and fitness stars for grand openings, guest posing, seminars and other special events.
  • Access to blueprints from our corporate facilities to illustrate how they are laid-out to maximize space, traffic flow and management efficiency not only for now, but for the future.
  • Help with recommending equipment vendors and review equipment orders to ensure that your investment receives the maximum benefit and life expectancy.
  • Access to group business insurance, guaranteeing you the lowest rates available.
  • Savings that will exceed your first three years in license payments by utilizing the vast buying power associated with our Powerhouse Preferred Vendor Program. Categories from equipment to hand soaps are covered and we are continually searching and testing highly reputable companies to form alliances with.

We are particular about our licensees because they are responsible for our success-one Powerhouse Gym at a time. Powerhouse Gyms International only accepts top quality entrepreneurs who are committed to creating a premier fitness facility that benefits their community first, and themselves second. Those who meet our requirements are eligible for a license, which can provide many years of success.