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We offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rates!
To get the best rates, sign up long term and have the option to freeze your membership up to 3 months every year!
We also offer a complimentary personal training session or orientation of the equipment for every new member!

Fill our the guest pass in the menu bar to get your local trial!!
Special rates for full time students, seniors, firefighters, and police officers!
Group rates available!
Contact the club manager

Our Gym

Powerhouse Gym is the largest family fitness chain on the Eastern/Mid Shore with brand new state-of-the-art equipment and a friendly staff. Our amenities include child care, group exercise classes, guest privileges, unlimited tanning, and access to our other locations in Salisbury MD and Ocean City MD.
Here at Powerhouse we are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. We know how hard it is to do something for yourself, like starting an exercise program...and sticking with it. That’s why our staff is here to guide and motivate you every step of the way! Our programs can help you look and feel better, increase your energy level, improve your appearance, and achieve a higher level of self-confidence. We continue to find ways to improve by updating our equipment and adding amenities while offering a clean, non-intimidating atmosphere at an affordable rate. Contact us today to get started!

Feb 11: Early Bird Gets the Worm! Muscles lengthened and toned, mind and body ready to conquer the day! Join Zayna Baassiri for Stretch Yoga 5:45am
9am Zumba with Ashley McCarthy Hall
10am Abs with Mary Brown
10:30am Stretch and Recover Mary
5pm Zumba with Brittany Siegel
6pm Pilates with Jamie Lee Morgan
6:30pm BODY PUMP with Amy Passwaters
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Tag a friend that hits leg day harder then you!
#LegDay #PHG #SweatFanatics #Powerhouse #SWEAT
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You know their is a SEXY BEAST inside you! For nutrition and Fitness tips from your trainers to get started or stay inspired and to check out group exercise classes offered download our FREE APP, SWEAT FANATICS!
Wednesday, Feb 10
5:30am Group Cycle with Jamie Lee Morgan
8am PIYO with Mary Brown
9am Cardio Circuit with Amy Evans
9:30am CX WORX with Amy Evans
10am ZUMBA with Lisa McMunn Karnish
11:15am Fit N 50+ with Lisa McMunn Karnish
5:30pm BODY PUMP with Amy Passwaters
6pm Group Cycle with Sara King
6:15pm Hip Hop with Danielle
7pm CX WORX with Sara King
7:30pm Glow Yoga with Kelcie
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BEAST MODE ON! FUEL UP, WORKOUT, STAY INSPIRED! #Sweatfanatics #Powerhouse #dontstopwontstop

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How do you guys "eat clean"? Whats the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way of doing this?
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In a new age of cell phone addiction and usage who would ever purposely smash their phone? So, don't smash your diet when you slip or if you choose another option to what you know you should eat instead! Get back on track and instead make the rest of the day Amazing and fuel your body with PREMIUM FUEL! #sweatfanatics #Powerhouse #dontstopwontstop

Tuesday, Feb 9
9am Zumba with Lisa
10am Full Body Blast with Amy
5:00pm BODY PUMP with Amy
6:00pm Group Cycle with Jamie
6:15pm ZUMBA with Ashely
7:15pm Yoga with Zayna
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