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On Friday May 15th, Governor DeSantis announced that gyms can reopen on May 18th. Gyms must operate at a maximum of 50% occupancy capacity while practicing appropriate social distancing and proper sanitation practices in addition to best practices to be determined by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation which have yet to be published. We are extremely excited to announce that we will be opening for business at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 18th so that our members can begin exercising in the gym without any further delay.

The safety of our members and staff are of the utmost concern to the management of Powerhouse Gym Stuart. If you are experiencing any symptoms, have returned from international travel or have been around anyone with Covid-19, we ask that you stay away from the gym for the appropriate time. Many of the initial steps and restrictions (i.e. class size, operating hours, locker room usage) we have implemented are out of an abundance of caution with maximum safety in mind. Please know that we will be easing some of these restrictions and expanding our services as further guidance is provided and our staffing resources are bolstered. We would like to share with you the following initial opening plan which will continue to evolve as additional guidance is published and operational best practices are determined:

  • Social Distancing – Proper social distancing is an important part of avoiding the transmission of the virus.
    • Entering and exiting the gym – Please note that the lobby has been divided for one-way entry and one-way exit of the facility with the northernmost doors to be used for entry. The entrance side of the lobby floor has been marked to provide adequate spacing for members as they check into the club.
    • Check in – please simply swipe your key tag as usual and proceed into the gym for your well-deserved workout. A gym associate will be stationed at check in to assist you if you forget your key tag. Once checked in, please proceed into the club so that members can continue to move through the check in process.
    • Café and Lobby Seating – We have temporarily removed the tables and seats in the café area of the gym. We have done this to avoid putting members in a position of sustained close-proximity contact while in the club. We certainly expect this to be a short-term arrangement.
    • Gym Area – Please note that it is the individual members’ responsibility to maintain proper social distancing from each other while exercising and moving throughout all areas of the club. Please be respectful and aware of others. In the cardio sections we have removed some of the machines and have placed others out of service to provide proper spacing so that participants will be assured of social distancing while spending time on the equipment. For the dumbbell section of the weight floor we have placed long tape lines on the floor that provide multiple tiers of proper distance between the rack and the other lines. Along each tier there are additional markings for proper spacing along the tier. Participants should only use the area if adequate space is available to exercise while adhering to social distancing guidelines.
    • Senior Day – Thursday mornings from 8 a.m. to noon will be reserved for “seniors only” as outlined in the Federal Phase Guidelines. It is important for us to provide seniors an opportunity to exercise isolated from the general population. Senior dedicated classes will also be held during this period.
  • Sanitization – The proper sanitization of high touch areas is vitally important. There are gym wipe dispensers conveniently located throughout the club. These wipes should be used by members to sanitize fitness equipment before and after each use. In addition, we have established cleaning protocols that include gym staff specifically assigned to gym sanitization and cleaning during all operating hours of the gym. Our staff will be sanitizing the equipment and other areas using a solution that is specifically designed to kill the virus while also safe and mild if contacted. This disinfectant is sprayed on the surface and allowed to dry without wiping. During normal operating hours, we will be periodically placing various groupings of equipment and training areas out of service so that it can be sanitized and then quickly placed back into service. Please be patient and cooperative with our cleaning staff as we provide this service.
  • Classes – We recognize this is an enclosed area with multiple people. We are initially limiting the total occupancy of the classes to nine participants and one instructor. We will be constantly evaluating this limit and will adjust when we believe it is prudent to do so. We have also developed a thorough plan for class attendance and disinfecting that is detailed in the group exercise schedule.
  • Locker Rooms – For the initial week of operations we have placed the showers out of service as we look to develop use and disinfectant procedures that provide adequate safety measures for members. Members will also not be allowed to use the sauna and steam rooms until further notice. These are very confined spaces which provide challenges for adequate social distancing. Toilets and lockers will still be fully available for members.
  • Kids Club – We are initially limiting the babysitting area to a maximum of ten children on a first come first served basis. Maximum time that a child is allowed in the Kids Club is 90 minutes. We will also be taking the temperature of all children before being admitted into the babysitting area.
  • Account Issues/Questions – If you have any issues with your membership or have account questions, please proceed to the marked location on the floor at the second computer station where one of our associates will assist you. Please note that to maximize social distancing at the front desk area we will not be handling most account issues at the front desk. Our associates will be requesting the pertinent information including your contact number or email and a manager will follow up with you as soon as possible.
  • Water Fountains – We are initially placing the water fountains out of service as this is obviously a high use area with the potential to transmit the virus. We encourage members to either bring your own personal water container or purchase one of the many beverages available at the Power Café.

In the days to come, the leadership team will continue to find ways to best protect and serve our members and guests. Also please be advised that this operations plan is subject to change based on future guidelines and best practices.

Roy and Mary Jane Stefanowski (Owners), Dawn Becker (General Manager), Victoria Anzalotti (Assistant Manager), MJ Whetstone (Office Manager), Sarah Simboli (Front Desk Manager) and the entire Powerhouse Team