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Who's Training At Powerhouse Gym?

  • 7X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Flex Wheeler
  • Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez
  • "Iron" Mike Tyson
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
  • Evander Holyfield
  • John Cena
  • Olympic Bronze Medalist Allison Bauer
  • David Gregory From Meet the Press
  • WWE Superstar Dave Batista
  • NY Yankees Robinson Cano with Former IFBB President Wayne Dimillia


Powerhouse Gym China continues to expand with beautiful gym locations. Co-Founder, Will Dabish and Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman first visited the first PHG’s in China in February 2002. Today they stand at 15 locations. #powerhousegym ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

Powerhouse Gym International

Nearly all of us struggle to stay healthy and fit in our convenience food filled world of unlimited temptations, high risk instant gratification and chairs abound. This ends up depleting our energy, aggravating our hunger, inhibiting our career performance, sapping our vitality, and blocking our full potential. Worse, the long-term effects tear dreams and families apart as they manifest in millions of cases of preventable type 2 diabetes, dementia, cancer, and heart disease.

The good news: by making simple changes now, we can avoid agonizing disease and depleted vitality. In this easy to understand and implement Masterclass, Harvard Lifestyle Medicine educator Dr Tom Rifai MD, FACP will take you on a six month, interactive online journey to optimal wellness.

In DrTom’s Lean Lifestyle Masterclass first 12 weeks you’ll have once weekly, LIVE, online 60-minute interactive information and motivation sessions delivered by Dr Rifai and 5 special, hand picked, wellness Masterclass Navigators via a private “Dr Tom Lean Lifestyle Masterclass” Facebook page.

You'll learn:
* The Essentials of 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness and Performance: Nutrition, Activity, Mind Matters (this is BIG!), Environments and Accountability

* Easy Hacks to Help Get Healthy Fast

* Common wellness traps and how to avoid them

* The 5 most important things to know about food increase longevity

* Mindset tools that will liberate your progress, including:
- the “5% Fun Zone” (critical for over and binge eaters!)
- the portion control hack of the decade: the “1-minute halftime”!
- where willpower might and might not be able to help us
- as well as and the SLIP technique for building lifestyle SKILL-powers

* And MUCH more!

In the end, you'll not only be leaner and healthier, you’ll feel FAR better and confident; driving your overall performance, helping you enjoy life, and unlocking long-term wellness.

You'll also receive:
* Continued access to DrTom after the initial weekly 12 week sessions with three MORE open forum sessions, 90 minutes each, to be done once monthly. This allows you time to “practice” your new SKILL-POWERS and then “check in” to have follow up questions answered to help master maintenance.

* Actively monitored comments page, where all participants can communicate and interact, post recipes, ask questions, and post words of support to our Masterclass community - all moderated and navigated by Dr. Tom and his five program ambassadors including ambassador lead and 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness Master Ricardo Villarosa, Wellcoach Certified Dr Kathy Parmele MD, Nurse Joan Cowling, Dr Rick Benedict PhD and Mr Brad Brown.

* Q&A via the page’s comments section

* Dozens of additional videos, articles, and resources to help you achieve at your highest level

For a limited time, DrTom is inviting you to participate in this Masterclass for only $299.

The Masterclass is brought to you by Reality Meets Science®LLC and will formally begin in the first week of March.

Space is strictly limited to 50 participants, so enroll today to avoid missing out. Can you really afford not to invest in yourself?

If seriously interested, contact Dr. Rifai directly via this page or call him direct at 248-845-2120
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