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Own a Gym - Thank You

Thank you for your time and interest in Powerhouse Gym.

According to, the success rate of an internationally recognized trade name can be many times that of an independent, non-licensed or non-franchised business. As a Powerhouse Gym, you can capitalize on the success of an established name that is known, recognized and respected throughout the fitness industry, while enjoying the pride and privileges that come from owning your own business. It is one of the best methods of combining the independence and initiative of individual ownership with the strength, leadership, and experience of an organized group, dramatically increasing your opportunity for success.

Our first step is to clearly understand your team's vision, so that we can assist in building the right model for your area. Once you understand the benefits of branding your facility with Powerhouse Gym and the financial planning necessary for a project in your area, we can then proceed in the development of your location. We have broken down this process into five stages to help keep things in perspective.

Development Stages:

  • Location: Whether you are buying land, or leasing property, we can assist with demographics, blue prints, and layouts.
  • Business Plans: We have templates and many example business plans to fit your model.
  • Layout: How your Powerhouse Gym is laid out is a crucial factor when determining whom you attract as a member. We have many lay out examples as well as architects and interior designers within our Preferred Vendor network.
  • Equipment: The Powerhouse Gym Preferred Vendor Program leads to savings through pre-negotiated buying discounts. Only after an equipment company passes a stringent evaluation process are they approved.
  • Marketing: How you introduce your name to the community is reinforced through the marketing that you choose.
  • Pre Sales: It is important that we open with a membership base and the process it takes to do such. Right from the start you become part of a network of professionals and peers that are available for you to brainstorm issues and to discuss the latest trends in the industry. We realize that in the end we are only as good as our owners.

We encourage researching the industry. We are confident you will find Powerhouse Gyms International works with the best owners and professionals in order to assist our Licensees. When you become part of Powerhouse Gym, you become part of the Powerhouse Gym family. We remain a family owned and operated business and have been for the last 45+ years. We understand real world business and will continually evolve in an attempt to better serve you.

The next step is to download, complete and receive the license application form back to our office. This can be downloaded below. Additionally, the Powerhouse Gym information brochure can be downloaded below as well.